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Wingfoil Lessons

Wing foiling is quickly becoming the sport of preference by many who already know how to windsurf or kite. Learning to wingfoil involves maneuvering your wing and getting up on a foil. We highly recommend learning this two sports separately, doing this will enable you to learn faster and enjoy more. Our lessons include the best gear for beginners, personal instructor and in helmet radio communication. Learning to wingfoil takes around 9 hours depending on students ability. The best news is that learning to wingfoil is super safe. All you need to bring is sunscreen and wetsuit. 

Suggested learning route:

Step 1: Learning to foil with a jet ski

1.5 to 2 hours

Early in the morning before the wind picks up we go out on the jetski and focus only on getting up on the board and foiling. The advantage of doing this is that you can focus only on your foot work and not on generating speed with the wing. 

Step 2: Wing Maneuvering and sailing

2 to 4 hours

Flying your wing on the beach will help you a lot to understand how to generate power, how to move the wing with more agility, and just getting your arms and back accustomed to holding the wing. The more time you spend on the beach the better.

Once you feel confident flying your wing its time to head in the water with a big board. You will start kneeling and little by little try standing up. The goal is to efficiently manouver the wing, generate speed and stay upwind without getting up on the foil. 

Step 3: Wing Foiling

2 to 3 hours

Once you have the balance and ability to generate speed you can start pumping that wing and board to generate lift. Here is where you will see the benefit of having learned how to control the foil before hand. 

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