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I guess it´s our passion for the ocean and wind sports that brought us together long time ago, but it wasn´t until October 2021 that we inaugurated Kitesurfing planet, for those of you who don´t know we are an establishment with a restaurant, boutique and kite & wing foil school. Since 2007 we started kiting in Puerto Vallarta and only came to La Ventana on vacations, but something about this place called us and kept us coming back. It wasn´t only about the wind or the views it was about the freedom, that feeling you get when you are out their in the ocean or driving down the stretch road with the dessert on one side and the ocean on the other. For sure the place has changed a lot since those days but the essence remains, and as locals now it is our obligation to try and maintain that same vibe we felt so many years ago and of course share with you our knowledge and passion for kitesurfing and wing foiling. More than just a school or a restaurant we are looking to build life long friendships and memories.  


Our Team.

Kitesurfing Planet is owned and operated by 4 individuals who have the following mission: exceed customers expectations, be humble, communicate open & honestly and always do the right thing. 

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