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Foil Lessons

If you have spoken to anyone that knows how to foil they probably told you it´s a little like taming a horse, but once you get the hang of it it´s worth every second of that learning effort. Luckily Slingshot´s Flight School Program makes it a lot easier and safer because they have developed a program consisting of three separate masts of incremental lengths (15", 24" & 30") to simplify the learning curve for all of us. In slingshot´s words: “You wouldn’t learn your first kite skills with a full size kite, so why learn the basics of foiling with a full size mast?” The Flight School Program breaks it down and makes learning to foil faster and easier because you don’t have to jump straight in to a full sized mast. Slingshot’s three mast size make stage-by-stage learning as easy as 1, 2, 3." 

So if you are interested in learning this new discipline don´t give it a second thought it will save you on those light wind days and double your time in the water, not to mention that you can do it with a wing, kite, behind a boat, on a wave or just pumping. Click on the button below and book your lesson.

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